Ladon Design Studio
Hi, We’re chia and Michael of ladon lab, innovating limitless possibilities for the web

We believe in doing things we're good at with the people we love and trust. Our primary focus is geared towards great user-experience and meaningful presentation of content. Using the latest in web technology, we guarantee a more interactive, secure, and future-proof design and code. This is our brand, our name and it is our mission to deliver quality service suited to your individual taste and need.

Michael started working as a freelance graphic and web designer back in 2008, with Wisedome,Inc, Nalegroup and DreamConnection as some of his first group of clients. Over the years, they had established a good professional and personal relationship that is still existing until now. They still work together on some projects and his growing client-base are mostly from referrals he get from them.

Chia, on the other hand, used to be an ICU nurse in one of the hospitals in the city.

They both attended kindergarten to highschool education in St. Joseph School, a small school allowing everyone to know one another. Although they shared the same small world, with the same group of friends and similar childhood experiences, they weren't personally close during those times. It wasn't until 2011, years after college, when he reconnected with her and asked her for an advice and a favor. They went out and slowly got to really know each other. Their friendship was a familiar yet a totally new experience for them. Moreover, they were comfortable with each other's presence and both enjoyed their conversations so much that they constantly hang out. Michael fell in love with her soon after and instantly pursued her. What started out as a friendly date is now another part of their beautiful and rich history.

His work was a constant welcome third-wheel on their relationship that it had piqued her interest. Both expressed their desire to have a business that they will run together in the future. A year later in 2013, after a frustrating incident with her agency, Chia decided to take on a different route, a calculated gamble, and join his career instead. Although she loved and enjoyed being a nurse, she felt that she was meant for something ELSE (not necessarily something BETTER, for being a nurse is a noble job!) Leaving nursing behind, they started building their first business,Ladon,from the ground up. Sharing the same passion and values, they turn their dreams and visions into realities and face its daily hurdles and struggles hand in hand.

They continously upgrade their skills and they are always hungry for improvements and adventures. They take risks and both always want to challenge themselves. They have big plans for Ladon and are on their way to make it all come true, one dream at a time.

  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator and Flash
  • HTML5 | CSS
  • Wordpress

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